The Brighton Language Collective (BLC) is an independent, not-for-profit community organisation that was established on 17 January 2015 by a small group of Brighton-based language professionals.


The organisation is now represented by a network of over 80 individuals, including translators, interpreters, BSL professionals, language app developers, researchers, journalists, students and academics. The common ground is a shared passion for language; the organisation members' regular use of and/or enthusiasm for diverse languages is a principal motivator in their participation in the BLC. While the BLC is based in Brighton, we welcome participation (e.g. via Facebook) from any geographical location.


The volunteers who run the BLC aim to: 

  • develop a community space (at 17-18 Bond Street, Brighton) for translators, language teachers and other language professionals and enthusiasts, to share knowledge, skills, experience, and company
  • host not-for-profit language/culture-related community events
  • encourage online and offline discussions around language-related topics
  • provide encouragement and advice for those interested in pursuing a language-related profession
  • ensure that new members are properly welcomed and are made aware of the spirit and purpose of the group
  • organise social events for members
  • disseminate any information which may be useful/interesting to our members
  • invest any surplus revenues into the aims stated above
  • act in an ethical manner, with decisions being carried out fairly and transparently
  • formalise our activities in such a way as to carry out the above aims to the best of our abilities

We are not:

  • a profit-making enterprise
  • a translation agency